Be an empowered leader and produce confident followers.

This service is designed to help managers and leaders learn to be more effective and conscious in the workplace, leveraging their efforts to create greater impact.  We assist clients to create a clear vision, develop specific goals, chart a course of action and manage business growth and development.  Coaching sessions are initiated from a co-created plan which is established between the client and coach.  Goals, strategies, successes and obstacles are explored within a supportive framework to assure effective use of the coaching process.

Understand what it takes to be an effective manager.

  • Set and achieve higher goals.
  • Implement and navigate transition in your organization.
  • Expand your contribution to your organization.
  • Find more satisfaction and joy in your work.
  • Make more conscious decisions.
  • Create action plans that generate desired results.
  • Communicate more authentically and effectively.
  • Facilitate more productive meetings.
  • Create higher levels of learning and steward creativity.
  • Generate more team spirit and an empowered work force.
  • Maximize your energy and minimize your stress.

Make conscious decisions as a leader and get the results you want.

  • Grow revenue and increase manifestation of mission.
  • Improve personal, team and organizational performance.
  • Operate from your deepest held values and integrate them into your work.
  • Increase your sense of confidence and inner peace.
  • Enhance cooperation and productivity.
  • Use conflict and obstacles to create learning and positive growth.
  • Focus your vision, set goals and achieve outcomes.
  • Enjoy more personal stamina and sustainable energy both at home and work.