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Our business, Center for Meaningful Work, LLC (CMW for short), is a metaphor for what we challenge individual and organizational clients to do with their life/work – be centered.  When one is centered, he/she is more able to tap into their divine intelligence and create patterns of flow in their lives.

We work with both individuals and organizations in Asheville providing transformative coaching and consulting services. Our goal is to help you access your full intelligence while passing along invaluable tools and techniques which will lead to more mindful management and business operations. Transformation begins from within and from there empowerment can occur more rapidly in surrounding systems.

We provide support and guidance as coaches and organizational consultants to transform the issues that stand in the way of achieving goals. Whether you want help achieving a specific outcome, finding your calling/passion in work, reaching more clarity around an important decision or enhancing the culture and productivity of your organization, we can help you get there.

We work with individuals as well as teams.

Transformative Coaching

This service helps clients explore and reach their ideals in work and life. The coaching process focuses individuals in a process of self-discovery, with a keen attention on personal values, cognitive and emotional functioning, and desired goals and outcomes for living a more empowered lifestyle. While some clients address numerous aspects of their life/work in the coaching process, other clients focus on specific areas such as: prosperity and intentional action planning, career identification, management development, authentic communication skills, stress/anger management, emotional/social intelligence, energy and ADHD management.

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Strategy and Organizational Development

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations create conscious culture that drives better results. Our philosophy holds that the integration of purpose and meaning with work, service and action fosters the highest possibility for individual and planetary development. Our consulting service helps clients develop a system wide approach to the planned development, improvement, and reinforcement of strategies, structures, and processes that lead to transformative organizational effectiveness and long term sustainability.

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If you are committed to transformation and want to create a more meaningful life and work environment, we encourage you to contact us today to set up a FREE CONSULTATION to explore your unique situation and begin the process.