Why we do, what we do.

Mission Statement:

We create conscious culture that drives better results.  We believe that individuals and organizations thrive when purpose and meaning are integrated with work and action.  By aligning their values, interests, skills, and service, individuals and organizations can tap creativity and enrich both themselves and empower their team.  We utilize a variety of tools and techniques to help clients clarify their purpose, chart and navigate a path, and put principles into practice.

Vision Statement:

We aspire to gain a national and international reputation as being one of the leaders evolving and transforming the way individuals and organizations define and participate in work.

Core Values and Guiding Principles:

We believe that above all else, business should be based on consciousness, intentionality, and respect, being mindful of the following:

  • The influence of our ego and mind's activity
  • The systems we affect in our work activities and lifestyles
  • The present moment and the divine energy it contains
  • Respect for the land and natural systems we depend on
  • Respect for the people we work with and their diverse backgrounds
  • The client's and customers we serve and their needs

Some of the traits and values which are reflected in our business:

  • Sustainablility
  • Love
  • Intentional Community
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Service
  • Honor
  • Ego Aware - Mindfulness
  • Oneness - Systemic Thinking
  • Transformation
  • Spirituality
  • Empowerment
  • Ownership Culture
  • Power with Dynamics
  • Collaborative Decision Making

Our Guiding Principles

We strive to be clear and aware of our intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions, and to direct these for the highest benefit of all beings.

We strive to operate from the space of cooperation, creativity, and love rather than arrogance, ignorance, or fear.

We recognize and give gratitude for all teachings, experiences, and truths.

We promote ideas and actions that are life-sustaining.

We look both internally and externally for the sources which systemically create patterns or seemly problematic situations.

We commit ourselves to lifelong learning and growth.

We make decisions based upon consent, trusting in the wisdom of one another and the power of collaboration.

We are skilled at thanking people, communities, and the universe for giving us feedback.

We make conscious commitments and hold ourselves scrupulously to those commitments.

We speak with honesty and communicate authentically.

We take full responsibility for what occurs in our lives and in our work.

We recognize the interconnectedness of all people and things, therefore living in the support, service, and compassion of all that we touch.