Make your ideas a reality.

This service is geared to help individuals start and/or grow their own business. We assist clients to create a clear vision, develop specific goals, chart a course of action and manage business growth and development. The education and training that we provide ensures the development of a sound business infrastructure which is critical for success. The coaching process focuses on areas such as partnership agreements, business planning, product/service development, financial projections, marketing strategies, business management and the decision making process.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur can be as easy as asking for help.

  • Starting a business but do not know where to begin.
  • Assess your strengths and limitations for being an entrepreneur.
  • Learn and apply various organizational structures to your enterprise.
  • Take your business to a new level through focused marketing and promotion.
  • Learn to project future costs and create a balanced budget.
  • Make more conscious and effective decisions.
  • Set clear goals and create action plans which generate desired results.
  • Increase your income and revenue.
  • Find more satisfaction and joy in your work.
  • Communicate more authentically and effectively.
  • Increase your energy and effectively manage stress associated with self-employment.

Potential Results of the Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Coaching Process:

  • Create a sustainable business that grows your revenue, creates jobs and fulfills the needs of specific target markets.
  • Establish a livelihood which is aligned with your passion, interests and skills.
  • Operate from your deepest held values and beliefs.
  • Enhance productivity while achieving life balance.
  • Utilize obstacles and conflict to create learning and positive growth.
  • Establish a clear business vision, set goals and develop effective action plans.
  • Have more sustainable energy.
  • Focus your intention and utilize positive affirmations.
  • Create specific habits, practices and rituals which reinforce your ideals.

Oftentimes we refer local clients to the Small Business Technology Development Center  and the Small Business Center at AB Tech to reduce client fees and expedite learning.