Become an empowered and more successful organization.

With organizational development in the workplace, we want to make sure you are not only learning new skills, but also applying them to help further your business.  We take a closer look at identifying obstacles and current dynamics, to collaboratively coming up with solutions and a practical plan to assist you, and your business, in reaching full potential.  Say goodbye to organizational patterns of oscillation and hello to manifesting your organization's full potential!

How our organizational development process works.

Our consulting is done with a high regard and appreciation for business clients and the talents they possess.  We create partnerships with organizations to produce lasting results in their employees’ professional roles which lead to a more integrated and meaningful work experience.  We tailor all of our coaching and consulting to meet clients’ needs, taking into account each client’s unique identity.  Below is the general process we follow with each client.  The first step is the most important because we make sure the client’s needs match our mission of transformation, collaboration, and intentional consciousness.

  • Entry and contracting.
  • Data collection and diagnosis.
  • Feedback and decision to act.
  • Project design and contracting.
  • Implementation.
  • Reflection, extension, recycle, and celebration.

We use the following strategies to help you obtain the knowledge.

  • Empowerment training and cultural transformation.
  • Corporate retreats with customized training specific to your needs.
  • Succession planning to ensure sustainability over time.
  • One on one management coaching to develop better leadership skills.


Get more done by doing less.

  • Grow revenue and increase manifestation of mission.
  • Create learning communities and effective work teams.
  • Empower your workforce and maximize your potential.
  • Develop internal processes which focus on long-term transformation instead of short-term fixes.
  • Enhance company morale and motivation.
  • Achieve higher employee and customer retention.
  • Maximize innovation and development of new ideas, products, and efficiency.
  • Create authentic and realistic succession plans.
  • Create collaborative decision making processes and power sharing dynamics.
  • Resolve and transform conflicts into learning and growth opportunities.
  • Identify key roles and responsibilities, coordinating communication and work flow.


Allow experiential education to better your company.

We offer customized retreats and corporate training for organizations held at our retreat center Quietude located Black Mountain, NC or at an agreed-upon location.  To help achieve business goals, we often find business clients may need specific training on key organizational development topics to accelerate learning and transformation.  One size does not fill all when it comes to any organization.  To allow for a more individualized consultation, we often incorporate training and corporate retreats which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mindfulness Management Strategies
  • Strategic Visioning and Implementation Planning.
  • Mission and Core Value Refinement.
  • Participatory Process Design and Leadership Development.
  • Decision Analysis and Steps for Making Wise Decisions.
  • Team Empowerment and Community Building.
  • Emotional/Social Intelligence and Diversity Training.
  • Tools for Authentic Communication.
  • Conflict Transformation and Mediation.
  • Result Oriented Variable Pay Systems.
  • Sociocratic Methods and Collaborative Decision Making.
  • Techniques for Handling Difficult Conversations.
  • The Technology of Participation - Art of a Focused Conversation.
  • Understanding Diversity and Honoring Differences - utilizing the Enneagram, DISC, and/or MBTI inventories.
  • Keys to Successful Sales Consultation.
  • Management by Objectives and Progressive Performance Appraisal.

Make it last.

In our experience it is most beneficial for clients to package OD work, corporate retreats and training with follow up management coaching and team development.  Doing so will help reduce an overall cost, but mostly because we know coaching creates more consistency and commitment. We all know habits take time to form and change, which is why we want to help make sure you use the tools that you learn!