Our coaching process helps you develop and maintain the skills.

The focus of our coaching process depends on the type of support our client needs. Sometimes this involves helping a client uncover unconscious interests, strengths and/or patterns to then identify possible career paths. Other times we are working with clients to increase emotional/social intelligence, make more effective decisions, handle conflict strategically or increase their skills for managing and leading other people. We help clients learn invaluable tools for reducing stress, anxiety, drama while empowering them to refocus their innate, brilliant energy on intentional actions of transformation.

Regardless of the coaching service offered, we help clients create a specific plan on how to move from current reality to a desired future state. This involves the identification of action steps to help them move forward with their key priorities while simultaneously understanding how to work with obstacles which may stand in the way. Our coaching process happens in person, over the phone or via the internet and can range from 2 hour blocks of time to 15 minute check-ins.

For the coaching process to work, our clients must commit to be fully engaged with the work and willing to critically think about their mental models, patterns of behavior and their communication process. Our services are not as effective when a client does not follow through on identified action steps, is not honest, and/or is not willing to make an important necessary change.

All transformation starts from within – be the change you want to see in the world!

Our individual retreats are experiential.

We offer customized retreats and training for individuals, held at our retreat center Quietude which is beautifully situated on Flat Rock stream in Black Mountain, NC just outside of Asheville. These retreats are often done in groups but can be completed individually. Please contact us if you are interested in our upcoming group retreats being offered later this year or are interested in exploring a customized retreat or training.

Our individual retreats focus primarily on finding one’s purpose, while simultaneously developing strategy and emotional/social intelligence skills. Some of the key things you will learn through our retreats are:

  • Identifying strengths, skills and passion.
  • Clearly identifying your primary objectives.
  • Developing better decision making skills.
  • Understanding obstacles that stand in your way.
  • Intentional management attributes.
  • Being comfortable with conflict, chaos and ambiguity.
  • Identification of allies and key networks.
  • Mindfulness, listening and authentic communication.
  • Art of inquiry and focused conversation.
  • Systemic thinking and management.
  • Affirmations, intentional activities and conscious rituals.
  • Developing intuition and reflection skills.
  • Meditation and embracing silence.
  • Honoring differences and acceptance of what is.
  • Aligning energy and action with intention.