Family Business

Strengthen your business and more importantly, your family.

This service is designed specifically for family businesses to help ensure that they are taking the appropriate steps to ensure the success of the business(es). We often facilitate processes for the ownership board, assisting them with critical conversations related to business development, board structure, role/responsibilities, equity/profit sharing, succession planning and conflict resolution.

Does your family business need help?

What makes our service unique is we provide objective, laser-focused listening while filtering information through multiple organizational development, coaching, psychotherapy, authentic communication, and conflict resolution tools/techniques.  We also work with the younger generations, offering career coaching, emotional/social intelligence training and management coaching to ensure they are the right fit for the family business.

We want to make sure you can do the following:

  • Ensure the family stays focused on loving one another and communicating authentically
  • Have more efficient and productive board meetings
  • Create organizational development infrastructure that will help ensure success of the business while passing the reigns to younger generations – includes creating bylaws and core processes if not already in place
  • Develop healthier communication processes amongst family members involved in the business
  • Enhance the business decision making process to ensure commitment amongst owners/partners
  • Resolve conflictual business situations involving family members, focusing on learning and building trust
  • Identify and transform obstacles that are interfering with the success of the business
  • Create a succession plan that involves incorporating family heirs into your business when appropriate
  • Ensure that the younger generations skills, strengths and passions align with the mission/vision of your business


What we want to help you achieve!

  • Less stress, increased integrity and more confidence within owners and the family board
  • Healthier relationships among family members involved in the family business
  • Authentic communication between generations involved in the family business
  • Development of appropriate ways to handle conflict so breakdowns do not interfere with business development and hinder family unity
  • Clear, equitable bylaws and operational procedures with a focus on collaboration
  • Strategic priorities and values identified, with implementation plans in place
  • Clear strategy outlining specific action steps to follow for integrating future generations into the family business
  • Younger generations have a clear understanding of their passion in work, with a strategy to create what they desire regardless if in the family business or elsewhere