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"Our North America Sales business was in the process of strategically redefining our Go to Market strategy and we were delighted to have Ryan Pickens facilitate our annual planning offsite. We operate one of the largest distributed computing platform in the world and with over $900 Million in sales it is critical that we identify new avenues for sustained growth in order to drive shareholder value and high employee moral. The market demands that we adapt our go to market segmentation and customer treatment approach. After speaking with Ryan, I knew we had the opportunity to deliver a multi-faceted program that not only touched on the disciplined required to make the change but also the key management attributes that would ensure a positive outcome. Ryan developed a session entitled “Leading effectively in times of uncertainty and change”. Thru a facilitated segment, Ryan was incredibly effective in baselining the variables that were influencing our current reality and then building a bridge to a new reality, that was based on the disciplines of system thinking and the core management intentions required to make the change. We are now progressing forward with our new GTM and I would count Ryan’s session to be invaluable in helping to set the foundation for our future success! …Well done!"

Tim McCarthy VP of Americas for NASDAQ/Fortune 500 Company Akamai Technologies

When my sister, the mother of the siblings, passed away two years ago, there was no longer a “center” to the family, and we were indeed in a lot of trouble.  This was due to a lot of adversity among us, and as we were all involved in our complicated family business, we had no idea how to deal with it as a unit.

“Have you ever made a change and wish you had done it sooner?  Choosing to work with Ryan/CMW was a no risk, high reward decision for my health care practice.  That one decision has helped with all my future decisions. Ryan/CMW has not only helped develop a blueprint for the success of my practice, but has worked to develop me as well.  Like a true coach, he is teaching me the skills I need to pilot my own ship.  My only regret is not doing it sooner.”

Dr. Mike - Awakening Heart Chiropractic

“We were very pleased with the retreat that was facilitated by Ryan Pickens for our organization. He was helpful in enabling us to refine our mission and re-focus on our vision for the future. As a result, we implemented several changes during 2015 that positively affected our bottom line.  We are grateful for his assistance and recommend his organization.”

Judy Fore - Former Board President, Urban Dharma

“Ryan Pickens and Richard Garzarelli with the Center for Meaningful Work began consulting work for our practice in 2014. They came to our practice after I had been a partner for 14 years. The other partners/Board members and I loved where we worked, but realized that we wanted to transform the way we ran the business, the workplace environment and the structure of the business, taking it to a higher level.

Ryan moderated two of our Long-range planning retreats. The first in 2014 we used to synthesize a personalized plan to improve our business. He recommended several initiatives including revamping our office manual, empowering the staff through encouragement and direction. He worked with our supervisors to improve their teams’ functioning. Both men brought a lot of positive energy to the practice.

In 2014 we were having some issues with the rigid hierarchy set in place by our then office manager. We realized that her idea of running a practice was not a healthy one. We worked with Richard to try and coach her to be a more collaborative and less authoritarian leader. Ultimately, we did let her go for other, more serious reasons.

At the end of 2014 and into 2015 Ryan and Richard stepped in during the absence of a manger to continue to support the staff and work on our initiatives. They supported the Board and took us through a great process toward finding a new office manager. We ultimately hired an administrator with more vision and experience than we could have imagined. Ryan and Richard facilitated this process with ease. Not only do we have an amazing manager, but we also hired one of the candidates whom we interviewed, but to whom we did not give the manager position. She is our Quality improvement specialist, working hand-in hand with our manger and the partners. I credit the good fortune of hiring these two very qualified individuals to the professionalism and positive communication of Ryan and Richard.

"The Center for Meaningful Work is the reason that our family has been able to come through an extremely tough time.  Without Richard Gazarelli and Ryan Pickens incredible assistance, I quite frankly don’t know what we would have done.  There are four of us surviving in our immediate family—my two nieces, my nephew and me—their aunt.

They are very easy to work with, flexible and thorough. I can recommend the Center for Meaningful Work with no reservations.  Once we had the new administrative team in place and the staff were feeling more empowered and positive in the workplace, Ryan and Richard graciously stepped back when the Board felt we were not in need of their services. We will use CMW in the future if the need arises.”

Anne Smith, MD - Partner, Hendersonville Pediatrics, PA

I only wish I had a video of the difference between our first encounter with Richard and Ryan and our latest.  Not only does it show how far they were able to take us in dealing with the many problems confronting us, but also it proves that no matter how deep the resentments go, there is still love (and laughter!) among us all, and we are now able to express how we feel without fear of anger and hurt.

We could NOT have done this without Center of Meaningful Work—not at all!

It didn’t happen overnight—nor was it easy—but we’re doing it!

And it would never have happened without Richard and Ryan’s infinite wisdom and guidance.  I am eternally grateful for their counsel."

Family Business Client Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous

"My meetings with Ryan were very helpful. I had come to a crossroads in my career and was seeking advice. I really appreciate Ryan's approach: rather than give advice, he offered tools, such as the PROACT Model.  I have been using the model in combination with his recommendation on 'setting intentions with the process' and it's proven to be really effective. I've been taking action steps, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by decisions and remaining stuck. As a result of our sessions, I notice I am now taking more action steps and with greater ease.  Thanks again for your assistance. I feel as though I am back in a flow.”

Kate Hanford, owner of Hawthorn Garden Designs