It's better to ask for help than continue doing it wrong.

Within this service we facilitate half day to three day long strategic retreats where we help business clients clarify key priorities, confront obstacles which exist, map out specific action plans and coordinate responsibilities. Often this involves helping clients reflect on other priorities which exist in other facets of either their business or other arenas of their life. Utilizing key techniques for making logical as well as intuitive decisions, we assist clients in the reflection of alternatives and desired outcomes.

Understand what it takes to plan for a better future.

  • Tap into the intelligence of your colleagues and create a shared vision
  • Create a 1 to 5 year plan for your business
  • Understand and create contingency plans for possible future scenarios
  • Clarify your fundamental objectives and primary goals
  • Better understand what obstacles hold you back or get in the way of real progress
  • Reach clarity on what are the critical action steps to move forward and better understand roles/responsibilities
  • Clarify what resources and funding will be necessary for your plan to be successful
  • Develop specific ways to quantify and track your progress

Get the results that lead to further success.

  • More team commitment to desired outcomes
  • Less time spent completing unnecessary and/or low impact actions
  • A detailed plan that maps out how to get from current reality to the desired future state
  • Less confusion and miscommunication surrounding who does what and when
  • More creativity and innovation regarding the organization and the plan for the future
  • Better chance of the organization thriving and growing revenue
  • A benchmark document to help with decision making, planning, problem solving and communication