Match the person to the proper career.

This service helps clients explore and discover their personal calling to work. By applying a comprehensive approach that draws on contemporary and traditional work models as well as holistic thinking and living, we assist clients to find, follow and experience their dreams and passions. The assessment process focuses on understanding and aligning one’s work, service and creativity while living life in balance. We help individuals clarify their values, core qualities, interests, and talents, while simultaneously applying this understanding to finding and creating meaningful work.

Understand and realize your life and work callings.

  • Discover your natural talents, rhythms, skills and interests
  • Explore the relationship between personal values, meaning and purposeful living
  • Move past blocks and obstacles which stop you from realizing your true gifts and potential
  • Review specific career and/or educational options which meet your vision, interests and abilities
  • Establish a life/work track
  • Identify and connect with potential employers, jobs, business and service opportunities
  • Assess your potential for self-employment and/or entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Live and work in balance
  • Understand and apply the tools you need to stay on track and navigate transitions

Develop the skills to become successful.

  • Create alignment with who you are, what you want and what you do
  • Gain greater clarity and integration in professional and personal roles
  • Obtain a sense of belonging and purpose with your work and/or service
  • Create effective interactions with co-workers, clients, customers and/or colleagues
  • Develop more productivity, creativity and fulfillment in work and home life