The Art of Improvisational Living

Posted April 5, 2016 by Pickens

In his latest featured post for WNC Woman Magazine, called "The Art of Improvisional Living", founder of Work with Meaning, RichardĀ Garzarelli writes about improvisational living and what it all means.

"Everyone has had to improvise, probably countless times. But have you ever wondered what it would mean to live intentionally with an improvisational spirit? Might that make for a better world"

As a business, you are constantly dealing with various struggles in the workplace that may hinder your ability for success. Many, such as a your core financial staples or product overhead, are relatively straight forward and consistent. Others, such as employee follow through or customer relationships, are not within control. In those particular moments when you are not in control, how can you be more intentional with your decision making skills?

Our goal is to help you reach your human potential, and with that comes the ability to utilize the art of improvisational living. As you look towards strengthening your professional growth and work skills, let us know if we can be of assistance in helping you reach your life or business goals.