Pickens Hired by NASDAQ/Fortune 500 Company Akamai Technologies

Posted December 13, 2018 by Pickens

I was honored to be hired this past Fall by Akamai Technologies to facilitate training for two of their upper management teams.  The focus of the training was "How to Lead in Times of Uncertainty and Change".  Of course this is a topic which all of us deal with in our life work and hence why the acronym VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) continues to grow in popularity.  The key is to learn how to focus your number one resource, YOUR ENERGY, on things that are in your control.  Our empowerment and mindfulness webcast/podcast series currently featured on Patreon goes into detail on numerous tools to help you better handle change.  Make a commitment to think about your own empowerment and let us help you along that path.  Please sign up now to access the first 17 episodes by going to http://www.patreon.com/workwithmeaning