Download: The Reflection Process

Overview and Purpose of The Reflection Process

Reflection is a process where we look inside ourselves to explore and examine our perspectives, our emotions, our behaviors, our experiences and actions / interactions with others. It often involves a process of introspection which is aimed at documenting what happened, making sense of what happened, and deciding on whether further investigation or exploration is necessary or desired.  As Kath Murdoch, a famous education consultant, says reflection is similar to the inquiry process in that it is a process of tuning in, finding out, sorting out, digging deeper, drawing conclusions, and taking action again.

The process of reflection helps us gain insight and better understand the best way to move forward.  It often helps uncover deeper meanings behind our everyday experiences, thoughts and interactions. Reflection helps us add to our existing knowledge base, make changes in our perspective and reach higher levels of understanding.

The process of reflection can happen with just yourself or of course it can include a group of people.  Often managers in a business environment will have workers reflect upon their experience in the business to better understand what is currently happening.  Also it is very common for facilitators to include moments of reflection during training and workshops for participants to process what they are learning, make connections with other aspects of their work, or to get feedback.   

Really you can reflect upon anything that arises in reality.  People often use the process of reflection to think about and better understand:

  • Any future endeavor or event
  • Any past experience 
  • Business practices and processes
  • Dreams that occur
  • Events that happened during the day
  • Specific concepts or values, like God, Death, Beauty, Art, etc
  • How a project or endeavor is unfolding
  • Relationship dynamics 

General Purposes of the Reflection process include:

  • Deepening our own understanding of an experience or concept
  • Assists with changing behavior patterns in life and business
  • Providing the opportunity to share feedback and input

Connection with Learning to Work with Meaning:

  • Assists with the transformation process and creating new perspectives to view reality
  • Uncovers key insights that help further the learning process
  • Helps enhance the understanding and manifestation of core values
  • Partner with one of our CMW coaches to help you learn to incorporate intentional reflection in all your life work.
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